Handy Tips For Raw Food Lovers

The raw food movement has taken the country by storm. Here’s a few things you need to know about this growing trend.

Freshness and Variety for Raw Food Lovers

For raw foods to provide maximum nutritional value, freshness is a must. The best places to find fresh raw foods are reputable green grocers. Owners of produce businesses bring in fresh fruits, raw seafood and vegetables daily from direct sources. Raw fruits and vegetables are usually locally grown. Even in winter, hot house grown raw fruits and vegetables still provide more nutrients than imported produce. The varieties of raw foods available make it easy for raw food to be a regular part of daily regimens.

New Ways to Use Raw Foods

The best way to start any day is a freshly blended drink made from fruits and vegetables. It’s important to vary these morning drinks from one day to the next. Today’s juice machines create juice drinks and macerate pulp and rind that can be used in raw food sauces and salads. Maceration draws out juices from raw fruits and vegetables when a little pure or mineral water is added.

Start the week with a blend of raw celery, kale, papaya and carrots. This is a colorful blend that cheers the spirit and insures a nutritious daily regime for the body. Studies have shown that the nutrient values of blended raw foods aid in normal human body and brain functions. In this way, it’s possible to keep energy levels at their peak, while protecting the immune system.

Seek new ways to use raw foods and add them to a monthly chart of raw food menus. When you know the nutrient value of each type of raw food, it’s easier to maintain good health.

Raw Foods Perk Up an Appetite

Start off your day with an early morning health drink, and add a mid-morning snack with a little crunch to boost energy. Create your own blend of mid-morning snacks with raw whole oats, a bit of wheat germ and your favorite raw or dried vegetables and fruits cut into sizes small enough to fill a cup.

For lunch, focus portion sizes of raw foods to suit individual needs for midday energy. For example, raw mushroom and spinach salad with a fresh lime juice and crushed garlic dressing is a power packed lunch. A dinner menu might include fresh tuna tartare with fresh raw onion, crushed garlic, grated lime rind, lime juice and a dash of virgin olive oil, spiked with freshly ground black pepper and kosher salt.

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